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Labour Day (VIC)

Labour Day, also known as Eight Hours Day in some regions of Australia, is a public holiday celebrated in various states and territories of the country. The holiday has its origins in the labor movement and the struggle for workers' rights.

Here's a brief overview of the origin and history of Labour Day in Australia:

  1. Early Labour Movement: The origins of Labour Day in Australia can be traced back to the 19th century when workers in various industries began to organize and campaign for better working conditions, including a reduction in the length of the working day. The Eight-Hour Movement, which advocated for an eight-hour workday, was a significant part of this labor movement.

  2. Success in Victoria: One of the key milestones in the Australian labor movement was achieved in Victoria on April 21, 1856. Stonemasons working on a Melbourne building site went on strike to demand an eight-hour workday without a reduction in wages. After significant public support and a prolonged strike, they succeeded in achieving this goal. This victory was a pivotal moment in the history of workers' rights in Australia.

  3. Spreading the Movement: Following the success in Victoria, the Eight-Hour Movement and the idea of a reduced workday spread to other colonies and states of Australia. Workers in various industries and unions began to demand improved conditions, including the eight-hour workday.

  4. Establishment of Labour Day: Labour Day was established as a public holiday to commemorate the achievements of the labor movement. The date on which it is celebrated varies across different states and territories:

    1. Western Australia : The first Monday in March is the date for Labour Day.
    2. Victoria and Tasmania : Labour Day is celebrated on the second Monday in March.
    3. Queensland and Northern Territory : The first Monday in May is designated as Labour Day or May Day.
    4. Australian Capital Territory , New South Wales and South Australia : The first Monday in October is observed as Labour Day.
  5. Marches and Celebrations: Labour Day is often marked by parades, marches, and demonstrations organized by labor unions and workers' organizations. These events serve to celebrate the achievements of the labor movement and to highlight ongoing issues related to workers' rights and conditions.

  6. Unions and Worker Rights: Labour Day is not only a day of celebration but also a time for unions and workers to rally for improved labor laws, fair wages, workplace safety, and other labor-related issues.

  7. Evolving Celebrations: Over time, Labour Day has evolved to encompass a broader celebration of the achievements of the Australian labor movement. It is also an opportunity to reflect on the progress made in workers' rights and to emphasize the importance of fair and equitable employment conditions.

Today, Labour Day is an important public holiday in Australia, honoring the history and achievements of the labor movement while serving as a reminder of the ongoing efforts to improve working conditions and workers' rights in the country.

List of dates of Victoria and Tasmania

List of dates

Year Weekday Date Name Time
2024 Monday 11 Mar 2024 Labour Day (VIC) 1 month ago
2025 Monday 10 Mar 2025 Labour Day (VIC) in 10 months
2026 Monday 9 Mar 2026 Labour Day (VIC) in 1 year
2027 Monday 8 Mar 2027 Labour Day (VIC) in 2 years
2028 Monday 13 Mar 2028 Labour Day (VIC) in 3 years
2029 Monday 12 Mar 2029 Labour Day (VIC) in 4 years
2030 Monday 11 Mar 2030 Labour Day (VIC) in 5 years
2031 Monday 10 Mar 2031 Labour Day (VIC) in 6 years
2032 Monday 8 Mar 2032 Labour Day (VIC) in 7 years
2033 Monday 14 Mar 2033 Labour Day (VIC) in 8 years
2034 Monday 13 Mar 2034 Labour Day (VIC) in 9 years
2035 Monday 12 Mar 2035 Labour Day (VIC) in 10 years
2036 Monday 10 Mar 2036 Labour Day (VIC) in 11 years
2037 Monday 9 Mar 2037 Labour Day (VIC) in 12 years
2038 Monday 8 Mar 2038 Labour Day (VIC) in 13 years
2039 Monday 14 Mar 2039 Labour Day (VIC) in 14 years
2023 Monday 13 Mar 2023 Labour Day (VIC) 1 year ago
2022 Monday 14 Mar 2022 Labour Day (VIC) 2 years ago
2021 Monday 8 Mar 2021 Labour Day (VIC) 3 years ago
2020 Monday 9 Mar 2020 Labour Day (VIC) 4 years ago
2019 Monday 11 Mar 2019 Labour Day (VIC) 5 years ago
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