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Picnic Day (NT)

Picnic Day is a public holiday celebrated in the Northern Territory of Australia, primarily in the city of Darwin. The holiday is characterized by picnics, outdoor activities, and community events. The origins and history of Picnic Day can be traced back to the early 20th century. Here's a brief overview:

Here's a brief overview:

  1. Early 20th Century Celebrations: The origin of Picnic Day in the Northern Territory can be traced back to the early 20th century when it was introduced as a day off from work to allow workers and their families to enjoy a day of leisure and relaxation.

  2. Darwin Show Day: The early name of the public holiday was "Darwin Show Day." It was established to coincide with the annual Darwin Show, which was an agricultural show that showcased the region's agricultural products, livestock, and other exhibits. The Darwin Show was an important social and cultural event for the community.

  3. Shift to Picnic Day: Over time, the holiday evolved from being exclusively associated with the Darwin Show to becoming a more general day of leisure and recreation. To reflect this broader focus, the name of the holiday was changed to "Picnic Day."

  4. Public Holiday Status: The government of the Northern Territory officially recognized Picnic Day as a public holiday. This allowed workers to have a day off to participate in community events, enjoy outdoor activities, and spend time with their families.

  5. Commemorative Activities: Picnic Day in the Northern Territory typically involves various activities and events. Families and friends often gather for picnics in parks and other outdoor areas, while community events, festivals, and sports competitions are organized to mark the occasion.

  6. Regional Variations: While Picnic Day is primarily celebrated in Darwin and its surrounding regions, different parts of the Northern Territory may have their own unique customs and activities to mark the holiday.

  7. Date of Observance: Picnic Day is observed on different dates depending on the region within the Northern Territory. In Darwin, it is typically celebrated on the first Monday in August. However, some regions may choose different dates for their local Picnic Day celebrations.

Picnic Day in the Northern Territory has become an important holiday that provides an opportunity for people to take a break from their regular routines, enjoy the region's natural beauty, and come together as a community. It's a time for leisure, relaxation, and fostering a sense of togetherness.

List of dates

Year Weekday Date Name Time
2024 Monday 5 Aug 2024 Picnic Day (NT) in 3 months
2025 Monday 4 Aug 2025 Picnic Day (NT) in 1 year
2026 Monday 3 Aug 2026 Picnic Day (NT) in 2 years
2027 Monday 2 Aug 2027 Picnic Day (NT) in 3 years
2028 Monday 7 Aug 2028 Picnic Day (NT) in 4 years
2029 Monday 6 Aug 2029 Picnic Day (NT) in 5 years
2030 Monday 5 Aug 2030 Picnic Day (NT) in 6 years
2031 Monday 4 Aug 2031 Picnic Day (NT) in 7 years
2032 Monday 2 Aug 2032 Picnic Day (NT) in 8 years
2033 Monday 1 Aug 2033 Picnic Day (NT) in 9 years
2034 Monday 7 Aug 2034 Picnic Day (NT) in 10 years
2035 Monday 6 Aug 2035 Picnic Day (NT) in 11 years
2036 Monday 4 Aug 2036 Picnic Day (NT) in 12 years
2037 Monday 3 Aug 2037 Picnic Day (NT) in 13 years
2038 Monday 2 Aug 2038 Picnic Day (NT) in 14 years
2039 Monday 1 Aug 2039 Picnic Day (NT) in 15 years
2023 Monday 7 Aug 2023 Picnic Day (NT) 8 months ago
2022 Monday 1 Aug 2022 Picnic Day (NT) 1 year ago
2021 Monday 2 Aug 2021 Picnic Day (NT) 2 years ago
2020 Monday 3 Aug 2020 Picnic Day (NT) 3 years ago
2019 Monday 5 Aug 2019 Picnic Day (NT) 4 years ago
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