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Summer Bank Holiday

The Summer Bank Holiday in the United Kingdom is a public holiday that takes place on the last Monday in August. It has a history rooted in the tradition of bank holidays and has undergone changes over time. Here is an overview of the origin and history of the Summer Bank Holiday in the United Kingdom:

  1. Bank Holidays Act of 1871: The concept of bank holidays was established in the United Kingdom through the Bank Holidays Act of 1871. The Act designated specific days as bank holidays, providing workers with additional days off for leisure and recreation. The first Monday in August was chosen as one of the bank holidays.

  2. Consolidation of Bank Holidays: Over the years, the number of bank holidays in the United Kingdom increased, and certain holidays were consolidated or moved to create long weekends. The Summer Bank Holiday was one such consolidation. In 1971, the Banking and Financial Dealings Act established the current pattern of moving the holiday to the last Monday in August, ensuring a consistent three-day weekend. Except Scotland, these stay with the first Monday.

  3. Recreation and Leisure: The Summer Bank Holiday is intended to provide people with an extended break during the summer season. It is a time for relaxation, recreation, and enjoyment before the end of summer and the return to regular routines. Many people take advantage of the long weekend to plan vacations, visit tourist destinations, engage in outdoor activities, or spend time with family and friends.

  4. Notable Events: The Summer Bank Holiday has also been associated with various cultural, sporting, and community events that take place during this time. For example, the Notting Hill Carnival, one of Europe's largest street festivals, is held in London over the Summer Bank Holiday weekend. It is known for its vibrant music, dance, and colorful parades.

  5. Local Celebrations: In addition to national events, many local communities organize their own celebrations and festivities on the Summer Bank Holiday. These may include fairs, festivals, concerts, agricultural shows, and other community-focused activities. It is a time for communities to come together, showcase local talent, and enjoy the spirit of the holiday.

Today, the Summer Bank Holiday is except for Scotland widely observed across the United Kingdom. It offers people an opportunity to take a break, enjoy the summer season, and participate in various leisure activities. While its historical origins lie in the concept of bank holidays, the Summer Bank Holiday has become a cherished time for relaxation, recreation, and community engagement.

List of dates

Year Weekday Date Name Time
2024 Monday 26 Aug 2024 Summer Bank Holiday in 6 months
2025 Monday 25 Aug 2025 Summer Bank Holiday in 1 year
2026 Monday 31 Aug 2026 Summer Bank Holiday in 2 years
2027 Monday 30 Aug 2027 Summer Bank Holiday in 3 years
2028 Monday 28 Aug 2028 Summer Bank Holiday in 4 years
2029 Monday 27 Aug 2029 Summer Bank Holiday in 5 years
2030 Monday 26 Aug 2030 Summer Bank Holiday in 6 years
2031 Monday 25 Aug 2031 Summer Bank Holiday in 7 years
2032 Monday 30 Aug 2032 Summer Bank Holiday in 8 years
2033 Monday 29 Aug 2033 Summer Bank Holiday in 9 years
2034 Monday 28 Aug 2034 Summer Bank Holiday in 10 years
2035 Monday 27 Aug 2035 Summer Bank Holiday in 11 years
2036 Monday 25 Aug 2036 Summer Bank Holiday in 12 years
2037 Monday 31 Aug 2037 Summer Bank Holiday in 13 years
2038 Monday 30 Aug 2038 Summer Bank Holiday in 14 years
2039 Monday 29 Aug 2039 Summer Bank Holiday in 15 years
2023 Monday 28 Aug 2023 Summer Bank Holiday 5 months ago
2022 Monday 29 Aug 2022 Summer Bank Holiday 1 year ago
2021 Monday 30 Aug 2021 Summer Bank Holiday 2 years ago
2020 Monday 31 Aug 2020 Summer Bank Holiday 3 years ago
2019 Monday 26 Aug 2019 Summer Bank Holiday 4 years ago
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