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Good Friday

Good Friday is a significant Christian holiday observed around the world, including in India. It commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary. Here is an overview of the origin and history of Good Friday in India:

  1. Biblical Accounts: Good Friday's origin lies in the events described in the New Testament of the Bible. According to Christian beliefs, Jesus Christ was crucified and died on a Friday, following his arrest and trial by the Roman authorities in Jerusalem.

  2. Arrival of Christianity in India: Christianity arrived in India during the early centuries of the Common Era, through the efforts of apostles, missionaries, and trading communities. It took root and spread, particularly along the western and southern coasts of the country.

  3. Observance of Good Friday: Good Friday is observed during Holy Week, the week leading up to Easter Sunday. It is a solemn day of mourning and reflection for Christians. The exact date of Good Friday varies each year according to the Gregorian calendar.

  4. Church Services: Christians in India attend special church services on Good Friday, which focus on the passion and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. These services include scripture readings, hymns, prayers, meditations, and sermons that reflect on the sacrifice of Jesus and his redemptive mission.

  5. Veneration of the Cross: Good Friday is also marked by the veneration of the Cross, which symbolizes the crucifixion of Jesus. Christians may participate in the ritual of the Stations of the Cross, where they reflect on the journey of Jesus to Calvary and his final moments.

  6. Solemn Observances: Good Friday is a day of fasting and abstinence for many Christians. It is a time of self-reflection, repentance, and deepening of faith. Some Christians also engage in acts of charity, visiting the sick or needy, and participating in community outreach programs.

  7. Cultural Practices: Good Friday is observed by various Christian denominations and communities in India, each with their own cultural practices and traditions. These can include processions, reenactments of the Passion of Christ, and special artistic performances or dramas depicting the crucifixion.

Good Friday holds significant religious and spiritual importance for Christians in India. It is a day to remember and honor the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, emphasizing themes of redemption, forgiveness, and salvation. The observance of Good Friday is a solemn and sacred time for Christians to reflect on their faith and the central teachings of Christianity.

List of dates

Year Weekday Date Name Time
2024 Friday Mar 29, 2024 Good Friday 2 months ago
2025 Friday Apr 18, 2025 Good Friday 10 months from now
2026 Friday Apr 3, 2026 Good Friday 1 year from now
2027 Friday Mar 26, 2027 Good Friday 2 years from now
2028 Friday Apr 14, 2028 Good Friday 3 years from now
2029 Friday Mar 30, 2029 Good Friday 4 years from now
2030 Friday Apr 19, 2030 Good Friday 5 years from now
2031 Friday Apr 11, 2031 Good Friday 6 years from now
2032 Friday Mar 26, 2032 Good Friday 7 years from now
2033 Friday Apr 15, 2033 Good Friday 8 years from now
2034 Friday Apr 7, 2034 Good Friday 9 years from now
2035 Friday Mar 23, 2035 Good Friday 10 years from now
2036 Friday Apr 11, 2036 Good Friday 11 years from now
2037 Friday Apr 3, 2037 Good Friday 12 years from now
2038 Friday Apr 23, 2038 Good Friday 13 years from now
2039 Friday Apr 8, 2039 Good Friday 14 years from now
2023 Friday Apr 7, 2023 Good Friday 1 year ago
2022 Friday Apr 15, 2022 Good Friday 2 years ago
2021 Friday Apr 2, 2021 Good Friday 3 years ago
2020 Friday Apr 10, 2020 Good Friday 4 years ago
2019 Friday Apr 19, 2019 Good Friday 5 years ago
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