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Muharram is the first month of the Islamic lunar calendar, and Ashura is the tenth day of Muharram. It is a significant period observed by Muslims worldwide, including in India. Here is a general overview of the origin and history of Muharram/Ashura in India:

  1. Historical Significance: The origins of Muharram/Ashura trace back to the early history of Islam. It is associated with various events, including the migration (Hijra) of Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Medina and the Battle of Karbala.

  2. Migration (Hijra): Muharram marks the beginning of the Islamic lunar calendar, known as the Hijri calendar, which commenced in 622 CE. The migration of Prophet Muhammad and his followers from Mecca to Medina, known as the Hijra, holds historical significance as it marked the establishment of the first Islamic state.

  3. Battle of Karbala: One of the most significant events associated with Muharram is the Battle of Karbala, which took place in 680 CE. It was a tragic event in which Imam Husayn, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, and his companions were martyred by forces loyal to the Umayyad caliphate in present-day Iraq.

  4. Commemoration of Ashura: Ashura, the tenth day of Muharram, is observed as a day of remembrance and mourning among Muslims, particularly within the Shia Muslim community. It serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made by Imam Husayn and his followers in their struggle for justice and the preservation of Islamic principles.

  5. Observances and Practices: During Muharram/Ashura, Muslims in India participate in various rituals and practices. This includes attending special congregational prayers, known as Majlis, where sermons are delivered to recount the events of Karbala and emphasize the values of sacrifice, justice, and resistance against oppression. Some individuals may engage in self-flagellation or chest-beating as an expression of grief and solidarity.

  6. Processions and Mourning Ceremonies: Muharram processions, known as Tazia processions, are organized in several parts of India, particularly in areas with significant Shia populations. These processions involve participants carrying replicas of the shrines of Imam Husayn and his companions, accompanied by recitations of elegies and expressions of grief.

  7. Community Service and Charity: Muharram/Ashura is also a time for acts of charity and community service. Muslims in India may engage in initiatives such as providing food, water, and other essentials to the needy as a way of honoring the spirit of sacrifice and compassion.

It's important to note that the observance of Muharram/Ashura can vary among different Muslim communities and regions in India, as Islam is a diverse religion with various sects and traditions. The commemoration of Muharram/Ashura serves as a time of reflection, introspection, and remembrance of the events and values associated with this significant period in Islamic history.

List of dates

Year Weekday Date Name Time
2024 Wednesday Jul 17, 2024 Muharram/Ashura 2 months from now
2025 Sunday Jul 6, 2025 Muharram/Ashura 1 year from now
2026 Friday Jun 26, 2026 Muharram/Ashura 2 years from now
2027 Wednesday Jun 16, 2027 Muharram/Ashura 3 years from now
2028 Sunday Jun 4, 2028 Muharram/Ashura 4 years from now
2029 Thursday May 24, 2029 Muharram/Ashura 5 years from now
2030 Monday May 13, 2030 Muharram/Ashura 6 years from now
2031 Saturday May 3, 2031 Muharram/Ashura 7 years from now
2032 Wednesday Apr 21, 2032 Muharram/Ashura 7 years from now
2033 Monday Apr 11, 2033 Muharram/Ashura 8 years from now
2034 Friday Mar 31, 2034 Muharram/Ashura 9 years from now
2035 Wednesday Mar 21, 2035 Muharram/Ashura 10 years from now
2036 Sunday Mar 9, 2036 Muharram/Ashura 11 years from now
2037 Thursday Feb 26, 2037 Muharram/Ashura 12 years from now
2038 Monday Feb 15, 2038 Muharram/Ashura 13 years from now
2039 Saturday Feb 5, 2039 Muharram/Ashura 14 years from now
2023 Saturday Jul 29, 2023 Muharram/Ashura 8 months ago
2022 Tuesday Aug 9, 2022 Muharram/Ashura 1 year ago
2021 Thursday Aug 19, 2021 Muharram/Ashura 2 years ago
2020 Sunday Aug 30, 2020 Muharram/Ashura 3 years ago
2019 Tuesday Sep 10, 2019 Muharram/Ashura 4 years ago
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