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Veterans Day 🎖️

Veterans Day is a federal holiday in the United States that honors and expresses gratitude to all military veterans who have served in the armed forces. The holiday is observed annually on November 11.

Here's an overview of the origin and history of Veterans Day

1. Armistice Day

The origins of Veterans Day can be traced back to the end of World War I. On November 11, 1918, an armistice, or temporary cessation of hostilities, was signed between the Allied nations and Germany, effectively ending the war. The following year, November 11 was commemorated as Armistice Day to honor the veterans and victims of World War I.

2. Expansion to Honor All Veterans

After subsequent conflicts, including World War II and the Korean War, it became apparent that Armistice Day should be expanded to honor all veterans, not just those who served in World War I. In 1954, following lobbying efforts by veterans' service organizations, Congress amended the commemoration and changed the name of the holiday to Veterans Day.

3. Public Law 380

On June 1, 1954, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed into law Public Law 380, which officially renamed Armistice Day as Veterans Day. The purpose was to recognize and honor the contributions and sacrifices of all veterans who served in the U.S. military.

4. Uniform Monday Holiday Act

In 1968, the Uniform Monday Holiday Act was passed by Congress, aimed at creating more three-day weekends for federal holidays. As a result, Veterans Day was briefly moved to the fourth Monday in October. However, this change was met with significant resistance, particularly from veterans' groups, who believed that November 11 should be the specific day of observance.

5. Return to November 11

Due to the strong public sentiment and ongoing advocacy by veterans' organizations, Veterans Day was ultimately returned to its original date of November 11. The change took effect in 1978, and since then, Veterans Day has been observed on November 11, regardless of the day of the week.

6. Purpose and Significance

Veterans Day is a time to express gratitude, honor, and appreciation to all American veterans who have served in the U.S. military, in both wartime and peacetime. It is an opportunity for the nation to recognize their bravery, sacrifice, and dedication to defending the freedoms and values of the United States.

7. Observances and Traditions

Veterans Day is observed with various ceremonies, parades, and events across the country. It is customary to hold moments of silence, raise the American flag, visit memorials and cemeteries, and participate in activities that honor and support veterans.

Today, Veterans Day stands as a significant national holiday that allows the nation to come together and pay tribute to the men and women who have served in the U.S. military, preserving the freedoms and security of the country.

While the legal holiday remains on, if that date happens to be on a Saturday or Sunday, then federal government employees will instead take the day off on the adjacent Friday or Monday, respectively.

List of dates

Year Weekday Date Name Time
2024 Monday Nov 11, 2024 Veterans Day 🎖️ 8 months from now
2025 Tuesday Nov 11, 2025 Veterans Day 🎖️ 1 year from now
2026 Wednesday Nov 11, 2026 Veterans Day 🎖️ 2 years from now
2027 Thursday Nov 11, 2027 Veterans Day 🎖️ 3 years from now
2028 Friday Nov 10, 2028 Veterans Day 🎖️ (Observed) 4 years from now
2028 Saturday Nov 11, 2028 Veterans Day 🎖️ 4 years from now
2029 Sunday Nov 11, 2029 Veterans Day 🎖️ 5 years from now
2029 Monday Nov 12, 2029 Veterans Day 🎖️ (Observed) 5 years from now
2030 Monday Nov 11, 2030 Veterans Day 🎖️ 6 years from now
2031 Tuesday Nov 11, 2031 Veterans Day 🎖️ 7 years from now
2032 Thursday Nov 11, 2032 Veterans Day 🎖️ 8 years from now
2033 Friday Nov 11, 2033 Veterans Day 🎖️ 9 years from now
2034 Friday Nov 10, 2034 Veterans Day 🎖️ (Observed) 10 years from now
2034 Saturday Nov 11, 2034 Veterans Day 🎖️ 10 years from now
2035 Sunday Nov 11, 2035 Veterans Day 🎖️ 11 years from now
2035 Monday Nov 12, 2035 Veterans Day 🎖️ (Observed) 11 years from now
2036 Tuesday Nov 11, 2036 Veterans Day 🎖️ 12 years from now
2037 Wednesday Nov 11, 2037 Veterans Day 🎖️ 13 years from now
2038 Thursday Nov 11, 2038 Veterans Day 🎖️ 14 years from now
2039 Friday Nov 11, 2039 Veterans Day 🎖️ 15 years from now
2023 Friday Nov 10, 2023 Veterans Day 🎖️ (Observed) 3 months ago
2023 Saturday Nov 11, 2023 Veterans Day 🎖️ 3 months ago
2022 Friday Nov 11, 2022 Veterans Day 🎖️ 1 year ago
2021 Thursday Nov 11, 2021 Veterans Day 🎖️ 2 years ago
2020 Wednesday Nov 11, 2020 Veterans Day 🎖️ 3 years ago
2019 Monday Nov 11, 2019 Veterans Day 🎖️ 4 years ago
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