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Father's Day

Father's Day in the United States has its origins in the early 20th century as a complement to Mother's Day. The holiday emerged to recognize and honor the role of fathers and paternal figures in society.

Here's an overview of the origin and history of Father's Day in the USA

1. Early Calls for a Day to Honor Fathers

The idea of establishing a special day to honor fathers was influenced by the success of Mother's Day. Several individuals and organizations in the early 20th century recognized the need for a similar holiday to celebrate fathers and their contributions to family life.

2. Sonora Smart Dodd

The modern Father's Day can be attributed to Sonora Smart Dodd, a woman from Spokane, Washington. In 1909, while listening to a Mother's Day sermon, Dodd was inspired to propose a day to honor fathers. She wanted to honor her own father, a Civil War veteran, who had raised six children as a single parent.

3. First Father's Day Celebration

The first Father's Day celebration took place on June 19, 1910, in Spokane, Washington. Sonora Smart Dodd successfully campaigned for the holiday, and the mayor of Spokane proclaimed the day as Father's Day. It involved church services, a parade, and the distribution of roses to fathers.

4. Efforts to Establish National Recognition

After the initial celebration, there was growing interest in establishing Father's Day as a recognized holiday across the United States. However, progress was slow, and it took several years of advocacy and support from various groups and individuals to gain wider recognition.

5. Support from Organizations

Organizations such as the YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association) and various trade organizations lent their support to the idea of Father's Day. They saw it as an opportunity to promote moral values, responsible fatherhood, and the importance of strong family bonds.

6. Presidential Proclamation

In 1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson issued the first presidential proclamation honoring fathers and designating the third Sunday in June as Father's Day. The proclamation recognized the contributions of fathers to the well-being of families and encouraged the observance of Father's Day nationwide.

7. Official Recognition by Congress

Father's Day was officially recognized as a federal holiday in the United States when President Richard Nixon signed it into law in 1972. It became a permanent national observance, to be celebrated on the third Sunday in June.

8. Modern Observance

Today, Father's Day is widely celebrated in the United States. It is a day when people honor their fathers and father figures, expressing love and appreciation for their guidance, support, and presence in their lives. The day is marked by various activities, including giving gifts, cards, spending quality time together, and enjoying special meals or outings.

Father's Day serves as a special occasion to recognize and honor the important role of fathers in families and society. It provides an opportunity to express gratitude and affection for the paternal figures who have made a positive impact on individuals' lives.

List of dates

Year Weekday Date Name Time
2024 Sunday Jun 16, 2024 Father's Day 1 month ago
2025 Sunday Jun 15, 2025 Father's Day 10 months from now
2026 Sunday Jun 21, 2026 Father's Day 1 year from now
2027 Sunday Jun 20, 2027 Father's Day 2 years from now
2028 Sunday Jun 18, 2028 Father's Day 3 years from now
2029 Sunday Jun 17, 2029 Father's Day 4 years from now
2030 Sunday Jun 16, 2030 Father's Day 5 years from now
2031 Sunday Jun 15, 2031 Father's Day 6 years from now
2032 Sunday Jun 20, 2032 Father's Day 7 years from now
2033 Sunday Jun 19, 2033 Father's Day 8 years from now
2034 Sunday Jun 18, 2034 Father's Day 9 years from now
2035 Sunday Jun 17, 2035 Father's Day 10 years from now
2036 Sunday Jun 15, 2036 Father's Day 11 years from now
2037 Sunday Jun 21, 2037 Father's Day 12 years from now
2038 Sunday Jun 20, 2038 Father's Day 13 years from now
2039 Sunday Jun 19, 2039 Father's Day 14 years from now
2023 Sunday Jun 18, 2023 Father's Day 1 year ago
2022 Sunday Jun 19, 2022 Father's Day 2 years ago
2021 Sunday Jun 20, 2021 Father's Day 3 years ago
2020 Sunday Jun 21, 2020 Father's Day 4 years ago
2019 Sunday Jun 16, 2019 Father's Day 5 years ago
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